Amazon Appstore retained Player 2 to develop a slate of new docu-series shows to drive awareness and mobile game downloads from the Amazon Appstore

The Assignment:

Develop an original docu-series which will follow the Twitch streamers IRL.  The pilot episode featured the #1 Twitch streamer, Pokimane. The pilot chronicled her life as she begins to step outside of the world of gaming and start to build her brand through IRL moments, all captured in an entertaining and engaging format.

  • Serve as Executive Producers for the show

  • Identify and manage production company

  • Negotiate talent agreements and show promotion

  • Build marketing campaign for show promotion

  • Secure brand partners to fund production

The Result:

  • Streaming IRL featuring Pokimane. Concepted and produced a 23 minute reality show featuring the most popular female streamer in gaming that was aired across Amazon’s channels.

  • Negotiated the first female makeup partnership in gaming - a Poki platette with Winky Lux.

  • Pilot distributed on Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, and Twitch