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This IS What Esports Look Like


Player 2 Studios is an eSports-focused sponsorship and marketing studio that connects brands with teams, publishers, and events.



Player 2 Studios is designed to serve as an extension of your team. Our expertise includes sponsorships and partnerships, brand development, and content creation and distribution.



Brand Development



Marketing and



Sponsorships and
Media Rights



Content Development
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Founded by former ESPN executives with experience across the media and gaming industries.



Dan Chiu

Strategy, Partnerships

Dan has more than 15 years of experience helping brands like ESPN, FOX Sports, and NASDAQ develop strategies to grow its business. Dan led strategy and business operations for ESPN Digital and oversaw Insider, e-commerce, and negotiation of digital rights with the leagues. Dan also negotiated ESPN’s 15 year, $855M deal with EA Sports.


John Pierce

Marketing, Sponsorships

John has 25 years of experience building major consumer brands at the Walt Disney Company, the U.S. Olympic Committee and with MLB and NHL teams. He created the digital network and conducted major rebranding projects for both the Marlins (MLB) and Coyotes (NHL) teams.



Jordon Wells

Jordon has 20 years of experience in media, marketing, and sponsorships working with Fortune 500 clients. Jordon is an expert multimedia sales strategist for ESPN and leads eSports sponsorship and marketing for ESPN. Her clients include Apple, Beats, Activision/Blizzard, and EA Sports.


Lynne Kraselsky

Lynne brings 25 years of success in multi-platform sales, development, and strategic planning that drives profitability and long term growth. She has in-depth experience in US and International sports, entertainment and news media from NBCUniversal, ESPN, Turner Broadcasting and CNN. 


Angelo Cazzola

Angelo Cazzola has worked in the esports industry for 6 years, starting as a professional gamer, before transitioning to consulting, influencer marketing, and team ownership. In 2014, he founded his own firm Zola Marketing, which he sold to Flood Interactive in 2016.


Gerald Youngblood

Gerald directs AMD's Channel Marketing division with an emphasis on high performance products for the gaming consumer. Gerald's group has made significant investments in the eSports industry through Event and Team sponsorships, including Fnatic’s League of Legends team and AMD’s own CS:GO team.



Point of View


We don’t care if you call it a sport or not.

With forecasted 2016 revenues of $493M and growth to $1.1B expected by 2019, eSports has officially arrived. We are all too busy to get hung up on nouns.

It’s all about the fans.

There are 148M eSports enthusiasts and an additional 144M casual fans. But these fans aren’t just numbers, they are the impossible to reach 18-24 year olds, many of whom are cord-nevers. They don’t care about the NFL. They care about LoL… and CS:GO… and Overwatch.

The old rules of engagement don’t apply anymore.

Signage, tickets and hospitality are out. Branded content and authenticity matter.

It doesn’t have to be the Wild West.

We work collaboratively with other agencies, brands, properties, and distribution platforms. When the eSports ecosystem grows, we all win. Good game.


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